Past Awards

Prior grant recipients and their projects include:

Basque Museum & Cultural Center, Inc.

To fund a part-time intern to coordinate educational programs

Biotzetik Basque Choir

For the transcription of 70+ pieces of choral music

Boise Fronton Association

To launch the inclusion of adult women & youth in the sport of paleta goma.

Boiseko Ikastola

For tuition assistance to qualified students/families

Jordan Valley I.O.N. Heritage Museum

To purchase secured display cabinets

Onati Euskal Dantzari Taldea

For costumes & equipment for the traditional Korpus Dantzak from Onati

Oinkari Basque Dancers

To subsidize a dance instructor camp with a “dantza maisu” (dance master) from the Basque Country

Ontario Oregon Basque Club

To pay for equipment (projector, white board, and easel) for educational activities

Txoko Ona Basque Club

To purchase two flagpoles for new Basque center/Euskal Etxea in Homedale