The Cenarrusa Foundation for Basque Culture promotes the culture and history of the Basques.

The goal of the Cenarrusa Foundation for Basque Culture is to preserve, educate and connect the Basque community and our world. We do so through collaborative projects, research, educational activities, and gatherings. One of our proudest achievements is the launch and support of the Basque Studies program at Boise State University. We believe that critical thinking promotes understanding and tolerance, and we celebrate what makes Basques unique within the common cultural human experience.

The Cenarrusa Foundation continues in its promotion of Basque culture by celebrating the achievements of those who have made lifelong commitments to Basque culture, and with grants to organizations who do meaningful work in keeping Basque activities meaningful and vibrant. We believe in collaborative efforts among the business community, lawmakers, academia, and cultural groups – locally and globally.

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Learn more about Pete and Freda Cenarrusa and their efforts to promote Basque history and culture.

What is the Cenarrusa Foundation?