About the Foundation

In 2003, Pete and Freda felt it important to create an organization to promote Basque history and culture, and assist with the creation of a Basque Studies program at Boise State University. With the help of others, they created the Cenarrusa Foundation for Basque Culture.

Since then, funds for the Foundation have been raised with lamb barbeques on the Basque Block, proceeds from the Basque-themed Idaho license plate, generosity of donors and the Cenarrusas themselves.

The Cenarrusa Foundation for Basque Culture continues to promote the culture and history of the Basques by honoring excellence with the Cenarrusa Award and with the Community Grants program, supporting various active organizations and aligned initiatives.

The uniqueness of the language, history, and politics of the Basque people throughout the world is of interest to The Foundation. We celebrate what makes Basques unique within the common human cultural experience. The Foundation endorses and supports programs that involve critical thinking – which promotes understanding and tolerance.

The Foundation is an Idaho non-profit corporation that maintains a Federal Tax Code section 501(c) (3) exemption. Contributions to the Foundation are tax deductible under both federal and Idaho state law.

The current Board of Advisors consists of:

Freda Cenarrusa, President

Miren Artiach, Chair

Roy Eiguren, Past Chair

Miren Eiguren, Secretary

Mike Cenarrusa

Gloria Totoricaguena

Patty Miller

Xabier Irujo

Jill Aldape

Photo - Board members during the awards dinner at Leku Ona restaurant (from left to right) - Miren Eiguren, Dr. Gloria Totoricagüena, Freda Cenarrusa, Roy Eiguren, Pete Cenarrusa, Miren Artiach, Patty Miller and Jill Aldape.